Blockchain Fundamentals for Non-technical Entrepreneurs (Coming Soon)

This course will introduce you to the philosophy behind decentralization and blockchain and why there is so much excitement around it. We will also share how you can leverage this technology to transform your existing business models or find a completely new one.


Level 0


1 hours

What will you learn from this course:

Identify business opportunities which arises from decentralization and tokenization of the current economy | Develop foundations to brainstorm a new business model or apply onto an existing model with the use of Decentralized Applications (“DAPPs”), Smart Contract and/or Tokenization.


Eric Tang

Eric Tang

Eric has over ten years of entrepreneurial experience in Greater China and was formerly the CEO and co-founder of a prominent Hong Kong-based technology startup with 100+ team members. His vision is to bring his product experience into building an active blockchain community.

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