Building a DApp using Truffle, Solidity and React (Coming Soon)

There is no doubt that Blockchain technology and Ethereum are the most disruptive force in recent years. Many technology companies have been devoting resources to experimenting on solving their domain problem with blockchain. But the market is lack of capable blockchain developers, and the resources are splitted apart. That's the purpose of this course, to help you succeed as an ethereum developer. In this course, we start from the fundamental of blockchain and how ethereum play a part within the blockchain ecosystem. Then we drill down on ethereum feature, its virtual machine and how to write custom programs, called smart contract, on ethereum. Along the way we introduce some tools (remix, ganache, truffle, infura) to facilitate our smart contract development. Finally, we write a full application, using react as the frontend, google firebase as the backend, and writing to the ethereum blockchain to share with other people.


Level 1


2 hours

What will you learn from this course:

Learn the purpose and capabilities of Ethereum and Solidity | Understand why engineers would want to create an app with Ethereum | Build compelling blockchain applications on the Ethereum Blockchain | Design, test, and deploy secure Smart Contracts


Basic Knowledge of Javascript and NPM | A Mac, PC, or Linux Machine


Jimmy Chu

Jimmy Chu

Lesson 1: Teaser: what is this course about?

Lesson 2: What is Ethereum?

Lesson 3: Ethereum Ecosystem & Its introduction

Lesson 4: Setting up the Development Environment

Lesson 5: Smart Contracts with Solidity

Lesson 6: Building a dApp - TodoDLT

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